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XCSP Competitions


The website http://xcsp23.cril.fr/ will be open in April. When you upload a file (archive with instances or a solver), in the description field associated with your upload, please write a line of the form:

  • Type : XXX

where XXX is one value (or possibly several values) among :

  • Benchmark
  • CSP sequential
  • COP fast (4 minutes)
  • COP sequential
  • COP parallel
  • mini CSP
  • mini COP

and write a line indicating what is the line command to run the solver.

Of course, you can indicate any other relevant information about your submission.

The deadlines of the competition are defined below:

Events Dates
Opening of the registration site at http://xcsp23.cril.fr/ April 2023
Pre-registration of contestants May 8, 2023
Final registration (submission of solvers and benchmarks) June 1, 2023
Test of solvers conformance June
Position paper (2 pages) end June
Competition running June-July
Final results available during CP’23


Rank Main CSP Main COP Fast COP Parallel COP Mini CSP Mini COP
1st Picat Picat CoSoCo Choco Exchequer Mistral
2nd Fun-sCOP (cadical) CoSoCo Picat toulbar2 miniBTD toulbar2
3rd Choco Mistral Mistral   Sar4j-res miniRBO

Important: see tables, cactus plots, bounds, traces, … by following this link.


Rank Main CSP Main COP Fast COP Parallel CSP Parallel COP Mini CSP
1st PicatSAT PicatSAT AbsCon PicatSAT PicatSAT NACRE (hybrid)
2nd Fun-sCOP (Crypto) choco PicatSAT Fun-sCOP (hybrid) Choco // miniBTD
3rd Fun-sCOP (Glucose) AbsCon choco Fun-sCOP (order) AbsCon CoSoCo


Rank Main CSP Main COP Fast COP Parallel CSP Mini CSP Mini COP
1st scop (order-maple) PicatSAT Concrete scop (order-syrup) NACRE CoSoCo
2nd scop (both-maple) Concrete Choco 4 scop (both-syrup)) miniBTD_12 Schul & Mal
3rd PicatSAT Choco 4 OscaR Choco 4 // miniBTD GG’s minicp


Rank Main CSP Main COP Fast COP Parallel CSP Parallel COP Mini CSP Mini COP
1st Choco 4 Mistral 2 Oscar Choco 4 // Choco 4 // CoSoCo CoSoCo
2nd Choco 5 Oscar Mistral 2 Choco 4 Oscar // miniBTD Naxos
3rd AbsCon AbsCon Choco 4 Choco 5 Mistral 2 Naxos